Premium 22.0 Inch Privacy Screen for Widescreen Laptop, Notebook or Computer Monitor by Eleplace- Anti-Glare Computer Privacy Filter With UV Protection- Double Anti Spy Privacy Screen Protector Model(8541638264)




Top of Form

Capacity: 22″ (16:10 aspect ratio)

Color: Black

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  • SHIELD YOUR MONITOR SCREEN FROM PRYING EYES: Are you sick and tired of trying to keep your work confidential but the indiscreet eyes keep staring at your screen? This innovative screen filter protects your privacy by turning your screen into a black site, for anyone who tries to take a look at your screen, apart from the person who views the screen straight on. This way, you can work/play/write in your computer, without worrying about wandering, curious eyes.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY 22.0” MONITOR: The Eleplace privacy screen fits 22.0” inch (diagonally measured) laptops and computers monitors. Before ordering, please compare your laptop screen’s dimensions with the measurements in the 7th photo, to make sure that your privacy filter works for your device.
  • HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: Eleplace provides you with all the detailed information and the installation kit you need, to install your privacy protector fast and easy. Note also that you have two installation choices; you can either mount the screen permanently on your device, or slide the screen on and off when needed, using the tabs provided. For your convenience, Eleplace provides you with extra installation kit in case you lose yours, and a detailed installation video!
  • GREAT PROTECTION AND PERFECT VIEW: This privacy screen for monitor does not only offer you the privacy you deserve, but it also improves the quality of your screen. Its matte, anti-glare design prevents eye strain while at the same time it shields your eyes against 96% UV and 99.9% LF-radiation, which can be rather harmful for them. Forget tired, dry eyes, blurred vision and dizziness! And the best part? This privacy filter also safeguards your screen from damaging scratches and dust.
  • BENEFIT FROM THE SERVICES OF ELEPLACE: Being so sure about the great quality and performance of this excellent privacy screen, Eleplace offers you a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee Keep also in mind that Eleplace provides you with their best customer service, in case you need any help or face any issue with your new computer monitor privacy screen. With nothing to worry about, order yours today!