Simran VSR-10000 Deluxe Voltage Transformer Converter 110V-240V Voltage Regulator, 10000W


  • Size: 23″ x 11″ x 11″
  • Weight: 90 Lbs
  • 10000 watts maximum capacity with 80% efficiency
  • Converts 110/120V to 220/240V OR converts 220/240V to 110/120V
  • Compatible with 50Hz/60Hz and Single Phase 220/240V
  • On/Off switch with indicator lamp
  • Voltage stabilizer good for countries with unstable voltage supply
  • This stabilizer can regulate big range fluctuating voltage into general voltage output.
  • Input Voltage AC 75V-130V or 180V-260V.
  • Output Voltage: AC 110V+-4% or AC220V+-4%.
  • Durable Design with 2 Heavy-Duty Carrying Handles
  • Circuit Breaker Fuse protected with built-in thermal fuse – protects damage to your valuable equipment from v4oltage fluctuation.
  • Comes with terminal connectors – Hard wire input required.