TuffTrak AlturnaMat Ground Protection Mat – Black, 4ft.W x 8ft.L, Diamond Plate/Smooth Plate Tread Design, Model Number AM48S1

AlturnaMats AM48-S1 Ground Protection Mat

4 foot X 8 foot AlturnaMats Ground Cover Mat – Black – Smooth One Side
AlturnaMats are designed to protect the ground in areas where heavy work traffic, machinery or equipment is used for construction, remodeling, cemeteries, sporting events or anywhere else that you want the ground protected from damage such as ruts or where you need grass protection.
AlturnaMats are for use where you may have trucks, skidsteers, wheelbarrows, backhoes, digging equipment and other contruction equipment and foot traffic that can ruin grass, dirt, mud or other types of work areas. They also can help prevent any vehicle weighing up to sixty tons from becoming stuck or damaging the underlying surface.
Product Details:
  • Model: Alturna AM48
  • Size: 4 Foot X 8 Foot
  • Thickness: 1/2 Inch
  • Finish Texture: Diamond Plate
  • Textured: One Side – Smooth One Side
  • Load Capacity: 240,000 Lbs.
  • Weight: 86 Lbs.
Part Number: AM48S1